X-Mind Trium provides high quality orthodontic images

orthodontic images
WA orthodontist Dr Anthony Hopkins

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When WA orthodontist Anthony Hopkins set up ‘Oasis Orthodontics’ at Clarkson 34 km north of Perth, he wanted the latest and most reliable technology.

Being located on the west coast, Dr Hopkins was primarily concerned with having backup service should he require it and buying the latest technology that would not quickly become obsolete. 


The Acteon X-Mind® Trium has proven a valuable acquisition, providing high-resolution images that are a valuable aid to diagnosis, treatment planning and patient education.

“Honestly, it’s a great machine. The images are nice and sharp and I haven’t had any issues with it. I can export the images to my practice management software to attach to patient records with no noticeable loss of quality,” Dr Hopkins said.

Dr Hopkins assesses all new patients by taking lateral cephalometric and full arch pantographs. 

“When I present the radiograph images, patients find it useful and interesting. It is really important they get a picture of what is going on and are able to give informed consent.”

The use of high quality and clear images has also resulted in improved case acceptance and better outcomes for patients by supporting clinical diagnosis and treatment planning.

Because the X-ray beam is perpendicular to the jaw it produces a superior equilateral view with a reduction in the overlap of crowns.

The X-Mind Trium is a unit that evolves with the practice. A base panoramic unit is easily upgradeable to include 3D and/or Cephalometric imaging as required by the practice. When fitted with the optional Ceph arm, the X-Mind Trium has the smallest footprint of any Pan/Ceph unit on the market making it the ideal unit for practices where space is at a premium.

A lat ceph image from the X-Mind Trium provides detailed orthodontic information

An added convenience is the availability of the X-Mind Trium from any A-dec dealer in Australia.

“Being able to buy the OPG from A-dec was a massive advantage. The local A-dec dealer, Dental Intelligence, is part of surgery design company,  Dentpro,  making it a ‘one-stop shop’. This made the entire design, build and setup of the practice easy.

“(Surgery fit-out specialist and A-dec dealer) Bill Elsegood was in control of it all and I didn’t have to worry about other contractors coming in, or the installation of the equipment. I’ve also had very good support from Acteon in setting up and using the X-Mind OPG and they are only a phone call away,” Dr Hopkins said.

Acteon X-Mind Trium and Acteon imaging products are available nationally from Authorised A-dec dealers.

Phone 1800 225 010 or visit Acteon.

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