Why settle for less?

Dentsply Sirona treatment centre
Implant Terminal: Scope of functions

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Innovation in perfect harmony

Treatment centres that consistently match the dental workflow, enabling work efficiency and focusing on ergonomics, increase patient comfort and result in enhanced clinical outcomes.

The Teneo from Dentsply Sirona is specifically designed to achieve a perfectly harmonious workflow. Complete integration increases convenience, visibility and results in a better patient experience.


This treatment centre provides automatic and motorised options to adapt to the clinician’s needs and responds directly to the patient requirements.

A healthy operator’s posture during treatment requires the patient to be correctly positioned for maximum access. Teneo provides comprehensive treatment comfort for dentists and patients alike, with its motorised headrest, cuspidor and sliding track. Integrated treatment functions for implantology and endodontics reduces the set-up time and all functions can be controlled with the foot switch. This allows a smooth transition between patient examination, education and treatment.

Graphic displays

The numerous additional functions such as the visual Apex Locator or Implant Terminal in Sidexis 4 make Teneo the expert solution for every treatment situation.

For example, the visual endodontic displays the measurement value of the apex working length and stop, along with the name of the file system being used.

The implant terminal displays the speed, torque, preceding step, current step and next treatment step, manufacturing values of the implant system and reports on the procedure.

These thoughtful details provide the clinician with everything to work perfectly in every situation.

Dentsply Sirona treatment centre
Visual Endodontic Display: Scope of functions

Patient care and comfort

Research indicates that patient comfort increases case acceptance.

Patients who are having treatment and have a file in Sidexis 4 can have the correct positioning of the headrest saved for a particular procedure. When the patient file is opened, the headrest will automatically move to the last saved position, ideal for endodontics. If the headrest is manually moved during the procedure, the changed height of the headrest is saved for the patient.

Unmatched quality and workmanship

The complete range of Dentsply Sirona treatment centres are made in Germany, ensuring the finest in long-term quality and reliability. Manufactured with the best material, the framework, chair and backrest support are made of a well-conceived combination of steel and aluminium making the treatment centre extremely lightweight yet very solid.

Treatment centres are the focal point of every practice. All aspects of the practice converge here, so operator and patient comfort is key. With a fully integrated, highly innovative option which generates return on investment, it increases practice growth and improves the patient experience. So, why would any practice settle for less?

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