W&H releases “world’s best turbine!”

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Primea Advanced Air: the power of electric, but as light as an air motor.

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W&H—a pioneer in the invention of the modern dental handpiece—has released what has been described as the world’s best turbine.

The aptly named Primea™ “Advanced Air®” turbine combines the lightness and dexterity of an air turbine with the power and control of an electrically driven handpiece.

It is quite simply a game changer in the handpiece market in terms of increased efficiency and reduced fatigue compared to conventional turbine technology.

Turbines are by far the most widely used instrument for high-speed preparation, but have limitations compared to electric micromotors because of air turbines’ uncontrollable bur speed, especially under load when conventional turbines slow down.

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However, the new W&H Primea Advanced Air System is the first high-speed air turbine that maintains a set bur speed even under varying bur pressure, allowing dentists to work more quickly and safely with improved control.

As a result, complex applications such as cutting crowns and bridges, removal of old fillings and finishing of preparation margins can now be attempted with an air turbine with efficiency equivalent to that of an electric motor.

The stability of the selected speed (from 60,000 rpm to 320,000 rpm) is ensured by sophisticated sensor technology in the turbine head and the digital air-flow control module that ensures bur speed remains constant at all times throughout treatment. 

The constant speed control enables burs to be used at their optimum speeds and avoids turbine overrun which results in greatly accelerated wear to both the turbine and bur. The Primea Advanced Air turbine also incorporates some of the many features of the W&H Synea Vision turbine such as light weight, quiet, smooth running and advanced LED+ 5x ‘ring’ lighting for shadow-free illumination of the treatment site. 

The Primea Advanced Air System is available exclusively from A-dec and can be ordered fully integrated into the A-dec 500 chair launched in August 2019.

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