W&H Assistina: The benchmark for handpiece maintenance

handpick maintenance

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Automated handpiece maintenance units that clean and lubricate handpieces not only save time and money, but selecting the correct unit will ensure you comply with the mandated hygiene protocols.

Automated handpiece maintenance units are recommended under the ADA’s infection control guidelines as they help avoid over-oiling handpieces, which can interfere with the sterilisation process.The ADA also recommends the use of an effective detergent to clean instruments prior to sterilisation. The W&H Assistina—is able to do that.

Automated handpiece units such as those produced by W&H also increase the reliability and greatly extend the service life of turbines and handpieces.

Cleaning, not just lubrication

handpiece maintenance
Assistina Twin: The 10s process in detail. (Top) Cleaning the spraychannels with W&H Activefluid. (Bottom): Lubricating the gear parts with W&H Service Oil F1. During the whole maintenance process: Active suction of aerosols and exhaust air filtration with HEPA filter – for a safe and clean working environment.

The W&H Assistina has a proven process of CLEANING and lubricating handpieces, including drying air and water passages.

The use of the slightly alkaline W&H ActiveFluid provides optimum cleaning by more effectively removing blood, fats and proteins and for reducing surface tension to allow ingress to the narrow lumen. The pH balance of W&H ActiveFluid also helps prevent corrosion of metals, ensuring handpieces last and stay better-looking longer.

The Assistina Twin 

With the Assistina Twin, you can maintain your instruments more quickly than ever before. Thanks to the innovative oil nebulization technology, W&H has succeeded in decreasing the maintenance process to a record time of just 10 seconds – for a speedy and incomparably thorough maintenance result.

An innovative system

handpiece maintenance
Assemble the instrument in chamber 1.
Close chamber 1 and start the process
Assemble the second instrument and close chamber 2 as soon as the process in chamber 1 is complete.
Remove the instrument from chamber 1 and repeat steps 1 and 2

The oil is nebulized before being blasted through the instrument at high pressure. This removes soiling from the inside of the instrument even more effectively. Thanks to the fine mist, every single part of the gear is wetted without having to set the gear parts into motion. All aerosols are removed from the process chambers through active suction and an integrated HEPA filter. This gives the same result as with Assistina 301 PLUS, but in less than 1/3 of the time.

Oil service without waiting time

Using the Assistina Twin, waiting times during lubrication are a thing of the past. 

It is the first processing device equipped with two alternately usable process chambers, thus enabling non-stop loading. Prepare your transmission instruments easily and more efficient than ever! 

Whichever Assistina unit you choose for your practice, you have the confidence of maintaining infection control protocols and saving time and money whether you work in a small or large practice. W&H Assistina is available from Ivoclar Vivadent throughout Australia. 

For more information on W&H Assistina, call Ivoclar Vivadent on: 1300 486 252 or orders.au@ivoclarvivadent.com


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