Public waiting times more than a year in South Australia


Public waiting times more than a year in South AustraliaDental waiting times in South Australia’s public system persist in lagging, taking more than a year across most of the state and up to 17 months in the south-east. 

But Dr Goeff Franklin, South Australian Dental Services executive director, said the figures are better than they were back in 2012, when waits were even longer.

“It’s still certainly not how we want it, [but] we’re using the maximum capacity we can down there—we’re working with the private sector to try to get them to see patients,[accordion][/accordion]” he said.

Dr Franklin hopes the waits can be cut from three-to-six months.


“You’ve got to have the funding and the resources to be able to do that. Just keep in mind if people have urgent issues, urgent dental problems, they are dealt with,” he explained.


Dental wait times
  • State-wide: 12.4 months
  • South-east region: 17 months
  • Mid-north: 14 months, but 8.8 for Port Pirie
  • Riverland: 9.5 months
  • Adelaide: 12.3 months

Source: ABC News

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  1. The above photo purportedly describing patients on public waiting lists is a complete PC fabrication. I used to work at SADS and lots of my patients were unable to communicate without a $65/hour interpreter. Many on disability support pensions for conditions like back pain and depression one would never think they suffered from just by the look of them. Some would not let you touch them unless you are female. Some looked way older their official age. The government has its head in the sand.


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