VistaCam iX HD Smart

intraoral camera interchangeable head
Intraoral image (Fig. 1)

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The innovative intraoral camera with the interchangeable head system

With unrivalled high standards in patient communications, caries diagnostics, and documentation, Duerr (Dürr) Dental camera systems give you the edge in dental treatments and foster patient understanding of the required treatment plans. VistaCam iX HD Smart sets new standards with its outstanding HD resolution. Thanks to its improved optics, it delivers exceptionally high contrast images.

intraoral camera interchangeable head
Monitoring image (Fig. 2)

With its uniquely high resolution and the new, infinitely variable autofocus, the VistaCam iX HD Smart system delivers images with unmatched brilliance and sharpness. In combination with the intelligent interchangeable head mechanism, the camera system will provide you with reliable support – both in the diagnosis and early detection of caries, as well as in plaque visualisation. At the same time, it makes your treatment recommendations easier for patients to understand.

Optimised workflow, ergonomic design

Intraoperative check (Fig. 3)

VistaCam iX HD Smart, with its narrow, rounded head, enables easy access even to the rear molars. The buttons both on the top and bottom of the device provide excellent support for your workflow and ensure no need to change your grip. A motion sensor that switches the camera on and off automatically makes the unit even more efficient. The lenses of the interchangeable heads are equipped with durable protective glass for long service life.

Photos and live videos in HD

With actual HD resolution and the new integrated sharpness filter, the camera system will deliver crystal clear and high contrast HD images even on large monitors.

Thanks to the infinitely variable autofocus, images are captured exceptionally quickly and easily. Regardless of whether you need intra-oral, extraoral or macro images. With the new VistaCam iX HD Smart, you can also watch live videos in the same HD resolution as photos.

Caries detection with the Proof interchangeable head

intraoral camera interchangeable head
Above: Interchangeable heads

During the excavation, the interchangeable Proof head of the new VistaCam iX HD Smart can also be used to reliably visualise the progress of caries removal. The intraoral image is shown here (Fig. 1) reveals the initial clinical situation: discolouration is evident on tooth 15. The following image (Fig. 2) was taken for confirmation immediately after the site was opened up. It shows the image taken with the Proof interchangeable head, which makes it easier to distinguish between the carious region on tooth 15 (red) and the healthy tooth enamel (green). The intraoperative check seen in Fig. 3 confirms that all the carious regions have been fully removed.

Plaque visualisation during professional dental cleaning

intraoral camera interchangeable head

You can offer patients a graphic illustration of where more thorough cleaning is necessary. Thanks to the fluorescence technology, all you need to do to visualise the deposits is to use the Proof interchangeable head. With the aid of ‘before’ and ‘after’ images, you can also highlight the importance and added value of professional dental cleaning to your patients.

Detection of caries lesions

The LEDs illuminate two adjacent teeth. Due to the infrared LEDs’ wavelength, the tooth enamel appears slightly transparent in the proximal space. Healthy tooth enamel is permeable to light in the infrared spectrum and appears dark in the image (transparent). By contrast, caries legions are white and opaque due to the changed material structure. The infrared wavelength is refracted differently by the lesions and is largely reflected. In this way, the Proxi interchangeable head can be used for gentle and early diagnosis of proximal caries. The HD resolution of the system provides an optimal display on the monitor.

Reliable detection of proximal caries

In the initial clinical situation (Fig. 1), the caries is difficult to see. With the aid of the Proxi interchangeable head, a mesial caries lesion can be seen on tooth 36 (Fig. 2). The image taken after the site’s initial opening confirms this; the carious region can be seen with the naked eye. 

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