Virtual mirror enhances consultations with patients

IvoSmile: a dental app that helps dentists advise their patients on cosmetic dental procedures.

Where previously patients had to try and imagine themselves after a cosmetic dental makeover or a tooth whitening procedure, a new dental app from Ivoclar Vivadent called IvoSmile gives them an actual picture.

Many patients consult their dentists because of aesthetic concerns: a disharmonious smile line, crooked teeth or unsightly discolourations.

Using augmented reality, the app allows dentists to present on an iPad—either as a still picture or video sequence—various possible solutions and improvements to their patients’ concerns, helping them decide on a cosmetic procedure.

Another advantage of the app is it enhances the collaboration between the practice and the lab. Due to this ability to visualise a prospective outcome, dentist and technician have a much clearer idea of the patient’s expectations and so find it easier to achieve the desired result. 


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