Victor dental units: Simple to use with all the features you deserve at a great price


Victor dental unitsThis article is sponsored content brought to you by Dentplex.

With a modern design, Victor offers compact and exceptional stability treatment units for dentists without the loss of production quality. The latest state-of-the-art electronics allow for five dynamic instruments modules, doctor’s syringe, high-speed fibre optic line, Piezo led scaler, brushless LED micro motor and the optional (HD) intra-oral camera, LED overhead doctor light and mounted LCD screen as standard features.

The V586 patient chair offers an amazing 190kg lift which features two silent lifting motors which offer advanced ergonomics and maximum comfort. The ultra-compact brushless electric motor features LED fibre optic with speeds ranging from 100-40,000rpm. Maximum speed set points can be fixed for hand-free control while operating by the foot control which also features chair control movement, cup fill and overhead light programs inbuilt.


Incorporating removable components to facilitate hygienisation, risks of cross-contamination are kept to minimum. Hygienes including a 1.7 litre bypass bottle, large suction filters with dual valve control adding reduced noise level as well as increased suction flow, and the no-touch sensors LED operating light, cup and bowl fill avoid potential contamination via the user’s hands.

The V586 is fitted with a cuspidor bowl which rotates 180° and can be dismantled and sterilised with ease.

Victor imaging management is a breakthrough with the optional integrated portal media hub. Using only one USB cable from the PC to the portal media hub, Victor Portal media extends total control on all media functions and inputs the display. Victor Media hub features HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB3 port and Cat5 all going back to your surgery PC from the treatment unit.

The V286 & V586 treatment units enhance your professional dental experience with reliable technology at a very affordable price.

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