Understanding and Expectations with Orthodontic Education

orthodontic education
Dr Geoff Hall

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For a general dentist, there is a multitude of orthodontic education options to invest in, but by understanding the options available, your expectations as a doctor (including your patients), which cases you can treat and the support provided, leave doctors confused and disappointed that those expectations were not reached.

For the purposes of this article, we have simply broken down orthodontic course options into the following categories:

  • 1-day course which focuses on an introduction to orthodontics
  • 2-day course with a focus on cosmetic orthodontic treatment
  • 1–2-year courses, with several modules, giving the ability for more comprehensive treatment.

Cosmetic short-term orthodontic treatment that concentrated on the “social six” has been a revelation for the general dentist in taking the first step into treating patients with orthodontics. These courses run for either 1 or 2 days, introducing you to orthodontics and treating cases the next week.

The 1-day courses rely on you having some form of orthodontic knowledge, although many claim this experience is not necessary. The course is based around learning the platform to plan treatment and a hands-on component to become familiar with an indirect bonding system to place brackets to teeth. Tools may be included (or at an additional cost) and pre-course online tutorials available before you attend, but not always.

So, what orthodontic cases can you realistically treat after a 1-day course? Either a very minor crowding or spacing issue, but recognising the case and being confident to perform treatment, that will require more than 1 day.

orthodontic education

Two-day courses can provide enough practical and theory that you should be able to treat aesthetic cases the following week. Bear in mind you will need good support from the course provider. Allowing more time to cover orthodontic principles and key issues to be aware of, treating minor crowding/spacing cases can be recognised and treated successfully. Depending on the course, many will help with treatment planning, and support during the case to make sure those first cases run smoothly and give you the confidence to further your skills with the experience gained. Some have pre-course online education, and online resources which becomes a valuable aid post course to refer back to.

With the increase of orthodontic treatment within dental practices, there has been a rise in demand for comprehensive orthodontic education outside of a university and post-graduate environment. The courses that have proven to be successful concentrate on the principles and theory of tooth movement and jaw alignment, and not based on the limitations and/or benefits of a product or specific appliance.

orthodontic education

In 2018 The OrthoED Institute, with Director Dr Geoffrey Hall (who has 28 years and 10,000 cases of experience) as head educator, has emerged as a facility where the emphasis is on predictable and sound orthodontic principles and a focus on the intricacies of orthodontics, shaping your skill as a clinician. These skills can be applied to any fixed appliance, whether they’re indirect or direct bonded, aligner treatment and even lingual braces treatment. Completed over 2 years, the Mini Masters Course aims to provide progressive orthodontic education for the general dentist, where they’re able to treat cases while completing each module. Modules 1-4 occur twice in 2018, and across different locations throughout Australia. In 2019 modules 5-9 follow including another intake to the Mini Masters to start modules 1-4. At the completion of module 1, we will support and mentor you for your first cases.

The confidence in our education for you to treat cases has prompted The OrthoED Institute and our short-term orthodontic treatment, Smilefast, to release an unprecedented offer in 2018.  At the completion of each course, we offer 5 to 10 patient leads for orthodontic treatment. This is our commitment to getting you treating, planning and completing orthodontic cases. Full support from the team, step by step guidance through our case platform and an effective solution in paying off your course fees. Setting us apart from other course providers is our experience, knowledge and now our confidence in you treating orthodontic cases, by providing those initial cases for you! In fact just by the cases we can provide for you, there is a guaranteed return on your investment many times over. The results will speak for themselves.

It’s as easy as ABC.

Visit The OrthoED Institute.

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