Treat 70% of your patients with Short Term Cosmetic Orthodontics


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Adult patients seeking orthodontic treatment, in 70 per cent of the cases, can be easily and efficiently treated with Short Term Orthodontics (STO). Smilefast offers patients an affordable and time-efficient treatment option, and for practitioners, it offers a level of education and support that comes with experience and knowledge from the educators of Smilefast.

short term orthodontics

We pride ourselves not only on supplying a quality product that can noticeably improve a patient’s smile in a short period of time, but in providing dentists with comprehensive orthodontic training using sound orthodontic principles.


The technology involved in our ongoing support and unique Digital Indirect Bonding system means you can get great results for your patients every time.

Orthodontic training with Smilefast

Smilefast training is designed for treating the 70 per cent of adult tooth alignment cases that are simple and predictable. Prior to attending training in person, we invite dentists to access nine hours of pre-course orthodontic videos. Online video tutorials will bring you up to a basic level of understanding. They will familiarise you with the essential terminology and procedures. Doctors then attend Smilefast’s two-day, face-to-face training program, including a hands-on component, covering everything you need to know to perform simple orthodontic procedures.

All training is delivered by a specialist orthodontist, teaching predictable and up-to-date treatment principles. Doctors and staff come away feeling confident they can provide orthodontic treatment using Smilefast, and we encourage them to book Smilefast consultations in the weeks following after completing the course.

Ongoing guidance from the Smilefast team

short term orthodontics

Once you have completed Smilefast’s two-day training course, you are offered individual support on a case-by-case basis. By logging into our secure portal, you can share each case you encounter, allowing you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the Smilefast team. Once case notes, photographs and radiographs are loaded into the portal, they will be assessed by our professional team. Dentists receive a report within 72 hours that advises whether or not to proceed and also gives advice on what to watch out for.

We then guide the doctor on whether the case is suitable for them to proceed based on how comfortable they feel and if the case will proceed in an efficient manner.

How digital orthodontics solves problems

Once you are using Smilefast, you will find there are other advantages to our system. The difficulty in orthodontics, even for specialists who have been in the field for 30 years, is correct bracket placement on the teeth. There are many other systems out there that might make a pretty computer image of your patients’ teeth, but none are true digital bonding systems because they do not drive the teeth into the correct position based on the position of the brackets and its relationship to the wires, and therefore cannot project the true final end product image into a patient’s mouth. Even worse, some systems utilise a manual process, where brackets are placed by technicians or even lay people with little or no knowledge of correct orthodontics and the dentist has no way of even knowing the final outcome—not too dissimilar to asking for aligners without a digital setup to look at and modify or approve—just aligners coming to you in a plastic bag and hope and pray that the case will work!!

Going deeper with Smilefast

Smilefast has been a leader in short-term cosmetic orthodontics for the knowledge and education it provides for doctors and auxiliary staff, and a true 3D digital bonding system allowing the wires and brackets to drive patients teeth into their final position predictably and efficiently.

In 2018, Smilefast will offer 5 patient leads per doctor that completes the Pro course, and also a bridging course that will allow doctors who have previously attended another short-term orthodontic course, become accredited for Smilefast in 2018. If you’re interested in either of these, email us at

You can find out more about orthodontic training and Smilefast on our website at, or by calling us on 1300 447 448 or email

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