Tools of the trade: WedgeGuard


WedgeGuardby Dr Shawn Rama, The Dental Room, Balwyn North, VIC

I’ve been using WedgeGuards for a couple of years now and they work extremely well at protecting the adjacent teeth during a number of different procedures.

What’s good about it

When preparing a filling or crown, it’s all too easy to inadvertently damage the adjacent tooth when cutting interproximally. It’s usually necessary to slow down and work very carefully. In those cases where there is slight damage, it is necessary to fix and polish the adjacent tooth. This is not ideal dentistry.

Having the WedgeGuard in place means there is a physical barrier that prevents all damage to the tooth. It allows you to complete the job faster and still do an excellent job.

The metal attached to the wedge is extremely thin but very strong. It stays in place once you start working and you simply remove it once the job is complete. They also come in three different sizes and heights to cover all the variations of teeth.


Our hygienist is in her first year out of dental school and I have made it mandatory for her to use the WedgeGuard too. Her dexterity and confidence are improving rapidly and soon there will be no need for this little piece of insurance.

What’s not so good

This is a beautifully designed, simple tool that does its job extremely well. I’m very happy with the product and can’t see any negatives at all.

Where did you get it


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