Tools of the trade: Reciproc


by Dr Rick Luu, Oasis Dental, Kingston Foreshore, NSW

I use a Reciproc motor and files for my root canals and they have simplified the procedure dramatically. The Reciproc files are very resilient. Other brands I’ve used in the past often had small separations. I’ve been using Reciproc files for almost three years now and have never had one break.

What’s good about it

The first time I had a demo of the Reciproc system I asked if I could purposely try and break a file. The rep told me to go ahead so I jammed it into a block but couldn’t break the file, no matter what I did.

Once I have a working length, I can instrument the canals in five to 10 minutes using the Reciproc system. In the old days, working up from a size 6 hand file to a size 40 would take 30 or 40 minutes.

Reciproc is the best motorised endo system I’ve ever used and I’m really happy with it. I have a VDW Gold unit with a built-in apex locator.

Reciproc also has a new One File Endo that makes it possible to complete the procedure using only one file. While I certainly think it’s possible, I tend to use multiple files. At a bare minimum I’ll use a 15 and a 40, and sometimes a 50 as well.

What’s not so good

The VDW Gold unit plugs into the wall and has an internal battery that holds a charge. This allows the unit to be completely portable. One time I went to use it and it just stopped working. The battery was completely dead and wouldn’t charge. I lost the machine for a week or two while the battery was changed but it has worked fine ever since.

Where did you get it

Guns Dental.

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