Tools of the trade: PrepStart H20 abrasion unit


abrasion unitby Dr Claudia Yung, Dental Logic, Lilydale, VIC

I use the PrepStart H2O whenever I want a very clean tooth surface. I use it before applying fissure sealant and prior to cementing on a crown. It’s a great way to prepare any tooth that requires extra surface retention.

What’s good about it

The big problem with abrasion units is that they are very dusty and the powder goes everywhere. This unit utilises an envelope of water around the powder so the whole procedure is much less messy. You need to have good suction when using the PrepStart and whenever possible I also fit the patient with a rubber dam.

The machine has a water reservoir that’s filled manually. Once filled it can last for up to two weeks. The unit is also very portable and I keep it on a trolley. All of my chairs have air outlets so it can be easily moved from surgery to surgery.

The powder is aluminium oxide and I use the 27 micron version. It’s important to be careful with the settings of the machine as prolonged use with hard pressure on a soft tooth surface could cause damage. This is a very efficient machine that has improved patient comfort during use. I’ve been very happy with the results.

What’s not so good

There can be an inconsistency in regard to the amount of powder that is expelled. When the reservoir is full, the powder seems to go everywhere. However, even in that situation, there is much less mess compared to similar machines.

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