Tools of the trade: Pencure 2000

morita_pencure_2000By Dr Anthony Seymour, Seymour Dental, Dulwich Hill, NSW

This is a high-intensity curing light that works very quickly. It’s fast, reliable and consistent—everything you could ask for in such a product.

What’s good about it

This light can cure in three seconds and saves the dentist a lot of time. It makes it possible to add multiple thin layers and cure them quickly. This is an advantage because the thicker the layer, the more it will shrink. The light is on a swivel head so it can be easily angled. Even though it’s still necessary to use a shield, the Pencure 2000 is designed in such a way that the light is directed away from the operator’s eyes.

The light can cause heat in the setting of the material but it’s used for such a short amount of time that the patient rarely feels a thing. It’s so fast you can keep curing once the filling is complete, just to ensure everything is completely set. When curing is a slower process, there’s a tendency not to go around one last time with the curing light.

The Pencure 2000 is so fast that the patient has less time in the chair, you can complete the procedure quickly and you can spend more time in preparation. It’s a great tool that allows you to take your time but not waste time.

What’s not so good

The head is a bit bulky so it can be awkward in some situations, particularly when working in the back of the mouth. I have a smaller light with a longer neck for such situations but I would only use it about five per cent of the time.

Where did you get it

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