Tools of the trade: Montana Jack Sickle Scaler

sickle scalerby Dr Elizabeth Arena, Corner 32 Dental, Putney, NSW

I routinely use this hand scaler for all check-ups and cleans. It works really well in conjunction with an ultrasonic scaler.

What’s good about it

This sickle scaler is a nicely designed instrument. It’s very sharp and thin so it can easily reach into interproximal spaces. It can be appropriately used on adults and kids.

After I’ve used an ultrasonic scaler, I use the Montana Jack to remove any leftover plaque and debris hidden deep in interproximal regions. This is something that I’ve developed into a routine.

A lot of sickle scalers on the market are quite awkward to use and hold but this handle has a comfortable grip so it doesn’t cause cramps or pressure sores. It’s also brightly coloured so it can be easily found on your tray—particularly handy if your tray is quite messy after a procedure.

I’ve been using the same scaler for years and though I’m sure it will eventually start to blunt, it’s still as sharp as the day I purchased it.

What’s not so good

While I really do love this scaler, care must be taken not to cause damage to soft tissues. But this precaution must be taken with all scalers.

Where did you get it


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