Tools of the trade: LM TwistOut elevator

LM-Twist-Out-C4-sideby Dr David Lakatos, Complete Dentistry, Kilcoy, QLD

I came across this elevator at the Australian Dental Congress in Melbourne last year. As we’re a rural practice and probably see a few more extractions than in a city area, it’s a very handy tool.

What’s good about it

I find that luxators are often quite fine and if a little too much pressure is applied, they tend to bend or break. This elevator from LM Instruments is specifically designed for torque applications. It comes in straight and angled varieties with three- or five-millimetre models.

I use them to sever the periodontal ligament and loosen the tooth before using forceps. It’s not uncommon to come across teeth with tricky roots that need a bit more elbow grease applied. The TwistOut elevator is thicker and stronger than a normal luxator but can be used in its place. So far, I haven’t bent or blunted one.

I use this elevator for all extractions and have the full range of straight and angled models in all sizes. It’s a very sturdy, simple tool that makes extractions much easier to perform.

I had often wondered why there wasn’t a more sturdy luxator on the market but, as it turns out, this elevator was exactly what I was looking for.

What’s not so good

The one thing I thought was wrong with luxators—that they can be easily bent, chipped or broken—has been fixed with this brand.

Where did you get it

Troll Dental.

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