Tools of the trade: Elements Obturation Unit


by Dr Michael Nguyen, Sunshine Dental Group, VIC

This is a small, efficient unit that is used for obturating root canal systems. It’s a great delivery system that gives consistent, predictable results.

What’s good about it

When filling a canal using the traditional method with a master cone, it was almost unavoidable to leave small voids in the fill. This system still uses a master filler that must go all the way down the full length of the root. However, the filler material is heated and so soft that it can be squirted into the canal. It fills the canal completely and there are no voids. There is also more security in the fact that that canal is filled with filling material rather than just a lot of glue.

It’s also very efficient when filling teeth that have more than one root. Back molars were often difficult to give root canal therapy but this unit makes it much easier. The tip of the unit is very fine so it can access smaller canals and the fill material is forced into all areas, including lateral canals.

The Elements unit makes the whole process much faster and the long-term results are much better for the patient. I use this unit with every root canal I do.

What’s not so good

It’s technique-sensitive and can take a little time to get consistent results. There are other systems available that are easier to use but once you get the hang of this unit, the results are fantastic. Most of the specialists I know use this system for all their root canal filings.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas


  1. This unit is better that the old Elements obturation unit which has the sent away for repairs at the cables seperate with time. The only issue with the new unit is to make sure its charged. It can drain the battery if you forget to turn it off.


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