Tools of the trade: CEREC Omnicam

by Dr Mark Casiglia, Apple Dental, Lane Cove, NSW

I’ve been through an evolution of CERECs. I started with a Redcam back in 2008, upgraded to a Bluecam and purchased my Omnicam about three years ago. I tend to upgrade as soon as the new model is released.

What’s good about it

The biggest advantage of the Omnicam is that it’s powderless and you can do more with it. It’s much better at taking full arch scans and every process is quicker and easier.

If a patient’s in trouble because they’ve snapped off a tooth, I can build a new one and have it fitted in one visit. When the patient walks out the door, they’re going to be very happy.

CEREC also creates a perception among your patients. If you’re doing something different to the guy next door, that’s an immediate advantage and a positive point of difference. Many of my patients are blown away when I explain the CEREC process to them.

I also have a milling unit, a furnace and all the glazing and staining apparatus. It makes dentistry a lot more fun and is a real artistic outlet. It’s an opportunity to create beauty. Working with CEREC is definitely the most satisfying aspect of dentistry for me.

What’s not so good

CEREC is a computer-driven process, so there’s occasionally bugs or glitches. Like any technology, when it’s working well, it’s a godsend but if something goes wrong, it quickly becomes very frustrating.

CEREC also has a steep learning curve. You can’t just walk up to a CEREC and make a crown. You’ve got to go through the ups and downs, feel the frustration and learn from your mistakes before you get the satisfaction of mastering it. You simply need to commit to the process.

Where did you get it


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