Tools of the trade: Abrahami Drill Guide

by Dr Sally Farhandi, Excellence in Dentistry, Brisbane, QLD

The Abrahami Drill Guide is used for paralleling and spacing when dealing with two or more consecutive implants. It’s very easy to use and relatively inexpensive to purchase.

What’s good about it

Basically, it uses a couple of pins to accurately guide and space the drill. Once the drill is positioned in the drill hole, another pin acts as a spacer so you can parallel the next implant. The spacer can be set from 6mm to 14mm in increments of 1mm. The drill guide also manages angulation as well. It’s a great tool.

I like that once the first implant is in position, you can be confident that the other implants are perfectly parallel. It works with two, three or a whole mouth of implants. To be honest, I’ve only used it for bridges so far but the results have been fantastic.

In the past, I used to get the lab to make surgical guides for my implant bridges but this simple device works just as well. I fully intend to use this guide for all my future multiple implant work.

What’s not so good

As this is a very simple piece of equipment, there’s not much that can go wrong. It has no electronic components—it’s just a couple of pins engraved with measurements. It’s easy to use and easy to sterilise. So far, I haven’t found any negatives to it.

Where did you get it

MIS Implants 

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  1. Trying to use these in the back of the patients mouth is where you will come unstuck. Or limited mouth opening….Where you have access its great but be careful- Use the tool from the Straumann implant kit to assess patient mouth opening before using this [ or believing it should be ok to use].
    Otherwise have a surgical guide made for the areas that are not suitable for the Abrahami drill guide.

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