Tools of the trade: Symmetry IQ 3000 Piezo scaler


Symmetry IQ 3000 Piezo scalerby Dr Rick Spencer, Spencer and Day Dental, Strathfield, NSW

I’ve owned a lot of Piezo scalers in the past, and have found them to be a consistently quality product. The Symmetry IQ 3000 is a fairly new purchase—I’ve only been using it for about a month—but I can already see that it’s a superior unit.

What’s good about it?

This scaler is extremely sturdy and features a modular plug-and-play design. The handpiece is attached to the machine by a lead and, invariably, it’s the lead that gets damaged. People trip on it or it gets caught under a chair and then it needs to be repaired. In the past, the entire machine had to be sent away for repairs. With this model, the lead can be unplugged from between the handpiece and the unit. A new lead can then be attached and the unit is fully operational while the damaged lead is being fixed.

The Symmetry IQ 3000 has superior ergonomics and feels much better in your hand. The handpiece is lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to position in the patient’s mouth. It also has a slimline foot control that can be operated with minimal pressure.


It’s a beautiful looking unit with smooth surfaces that make for easy infection control. It has 30 different settings and a memory feature that makes set-up between patients much faster. I use it at least eight times a day—it really is a workhorse in my practice. Pricewise, the cost of this unit is about the same as other scalers on the market.

What’s not so good?

The only negative is that this scaler is a little larger than other units. It’s only a matter of about a centimeter, but I had to get the bracket that holds it adjusted.

Where did you get it?

Henry Schein Halas ( 

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