Tools of the trade: Zeiss OPMI Pico operating microscope

US_30_010_186III.qxp:EN_30_010_186IIBy Dr Gautam Herle, Myers Street Dental Clinic, Geelong, VIC 

My practice started doing a lot of root canal work so I decided to upgrade my loupes to an operating microscope. However, having spent so much money, it seemed wrong to just use it for endodontics. I now use it for all procedures except extractions and impressions.

Whats good about it

The illumination offered by this microscope in combination with the different levels of magnification has had a positive impact on the standard of my work. I find that even simple basic restorative dentistry and routine exams are improved.

It wasn’t until I purchased my Zeiss microscope that I discovered how ineffective loupes are—particularly when checking preps. I now consistently perform the type of restorative dentistry that I can be proud of.

I have two 32-inch televisions in my room—one is on the ceiling for the patient to watch Foxtel and the other lets my nurse see exactly what I am seeing. If there is something I wish to show the patient, I simply change the source and the microscope feed appears on the ceiling television. This has made communication a lot easier.

The other thing I have noticed is how good it is for my back and neck. In combination with a Salli saddle chair, I don’t have to lean over and have not had any back or neck pain.

Whats not so good

My nurse and I keep bumping our heads on it. How it’s mounted to the wall is something we should have thought about more closely. With a little forethought I could have had it mounted in a slightly higher position. The light source unit is also quite large.

Where did you get it

Zeiss Australia

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