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piezo electric surgical unit

by Dr Kelly Tse, Tooth Crusader, Wolli Creek, NSW

VarioSurg uses piezo technology to cut cleanly and accurately. The output adjusts automatically and the handpiece is light and ergonomic.

What’s good about it

The biggest advantage of VarioSurg is that it will only cut hard tissue. When you’re doing surgery that’s very close to a nerve or artery, it’s reassuring to know that this unit will not damage any soft tissue. 

If the apex of the roots is very close to the nerve, it can be an extremely careful and worrisome surgery. However, if the tip of VarioSurg touches soft tissue, it immediately stops. When using VarioSurg, you know you’re only cutting hard tissue. 

The tip of the unit vibrates in such a manner that it will only react to hard surfaces. If you use it within normal reason and within the designated specifics, you’re completely safe. 

It’s a great piece of equipment to use when removing wisdom teeth that are close to nerves. When undertaking sinus lifts, the very last thing you want to do is put a drill through the sinus membrane. I always use VarioSurg in those situations.

We’ve had this unit for 12 months and it has worked faultlessly in that time. It’s very reliable and never fails. It’s a great tool for new graduates who may be a little unsure of themselves. 

What’s not so good

It’s a bit slower than a normal drill using an average bur. When you’re doing delicate work, you should be taking it slow anyway. It also uses a lot of saline so it’s a good idea to have a second bag ready and a nurse with suction nearby. There is a range of tips with different functions so you’re frequently changing the delicate tips.

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