Tools of the trade: Unicline S dental chair

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by Dr Sangeetha Manoharan, The Hive Specialist and Dental Centre, Pendle Hill, NSW

When I moved my practice to a new location, it was a perfect opportunity to purchase a new chair. I decided to go with the Unicline S.

What’s good about it

The thing I like the most about this chair is that all the buttons are touchscreen. As it is just a smooth glass surface, it’s a real improvement in regard to infection control. It can be easily cleaned with a wipe and there is no chance of material lodging in nooks and crannies. The touch buttons also give the chair a sleek, modern look.

The instruments are attached to the chair by a spring assisted module. There is virtually no pressure on your arms and hands, allowing for very precise movement. The foot pedal is ergonomically designed so that it is operated with a sideways movement instead of being pushed down. It’s a much more comfortable system with no need to constantly lift and drop the foot.

The patient’s head is well supported and the headrest can be adjusted in multiple ways. I used to keep a small cushion handy with the old chair but there is no need for that now.


The water line is plumbed directly into the chair which is a much better system than constantly refilling a water bottle. 

What’s not so good

When I was doing the fit-out for my surgery, I discovered that the footprint of the new chair was less than my old chair. I assumed that it would be a slightly smaller chair but it actually takes up more room than I was expecting. It has made the surgery feel a bit smaller and we have to do some manoeuvring to move around the chair.

Where did you get it


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