Tools of the trade: Ultra Light Optics Feather Light LED

ultralight headlight

by Dr Lakh Sangha, Karalee Family Dental, QLD

This is a headlight that weighs very little and can be easily fitted to most brands of loupes. 

What’s good about it

A lot of companies make you purchase special brackets in order to attach their headlights to loupes. Ultra Light Optics have designed this headlight so it easily attaches to nearly all brands. To keep the weight down, the battery is worn on the belt with a direct cable to the light. The intensity of the light can be set using a number of small buttons.

It’s definitely not too heavy on the bridge of the nose when you’re wearing loupes. It also has a touch pad on the battery pack. I can use my elbow to turn the light on and off while remaining sterile during an operation.

I’ve been working with loupes but without a headlight for nearly nine years. The difference it makes is unbelievable. It gives a bright, shadowless field of view that allows you to clearly see root tips or the margin of a crown. 


The battery lasts long enough to give me a full day’s work and there are four indicators that show how much battery life is left. I purchased two batteries with the light so when one is in use, the other one is charging.

I use my loupes and headlight for virtually all procedures and have found them particularly useful for root canals. The only time I don’t use them is for very simple procedures. 

What’s not so good

The only downside is the cabling. You do have to throw it behind your back and plug it in when you initially set up. However, once you’ve got it in place, it’s fine.

Where did you get it

Ultra Light Optics

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