Tools of the trade: Tungsten Carbide Bur KOMET Round FG Extra Long


by Dr Seth Yoo, Sydney Road Dental Care, Manly, NSW

I use this particular bur for wisdom tooth extraction and when sectioning teeth. It’s a round, carbide bur with a long shank that attaches to a high-speed handpiece.

What’s good about it

When sectioning teeth, the round end of the cutting bur allows more freedom of movement compared to a normal cylinder bur. I can effectively cut the tooth by positioning the handpiece at a variety of angles thanks to the long shank. Whenever I’m faced with a wisdom tooth or molar that needs to be sectioned, I reach for this bur.

It cuts accurately and quickly which means less time for the patient in the chair. Patients also appreciate not having to hold their mouth open for too long. The whole procedure can be completed very quickly.

I perform a lot of wisdom teeth extractions and have been using this bur for about three years. The bur is strong and hardy and while, technically, it could break, I have never experienced this or heard of it happening to any other dentist. 

I can recommend this bur for any dentist who’s doing a lot of extractions in their practice. It’s a great time-saver.

What’s not so good

This bur cuts very aggressively so you need to be very careful not to damage the gums. Sometimes, there’s a chipping noise as it grinds the tooth and this can be a bit of a surprise for the patient. Before I begin, I always give my patients a warning that there might be a bit of noise.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas


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