Tools of the trade: Torq Control


by Dr Rahul Pankhaniya, Mundaring Dental Centre, WA

This instrument is a universal torque wrench. We use it when placing implants, placing and removing healing abutments, and for the removal of impression copings. The Torq Control is used in just about every stage of the restorative implant journey. It has really made it convenient to do my implant dentistry impressions.

What’s good about it

While there are similar tools on the market, this one is contra-angled and designed as a manual handpiece attachment. With other torque wrenches, it can be a struggle to access the back region of the mouth to tighten or unscrew an impression coping. However, thanks to the contra-angle, the Torq Control can easily access all areas of the mouth and precisely torque to the desired level.

This handpiece also has automatic declutching ability. It allows you to be very precise when setting the torque and not exceed limits that could fracture the screw. Basically, it’s impossible to go beyond the desired torque and will declutch automatically if limits are approached. 

We’ve had the Torq Control for four years and have found it to be a reliable piece of equipment. It has a one-piece deign to limit bacterial retention and can be autoclaved. It requires no special maintenance, just standard protocol for maintaining a handpiece.

What’s not so good

It’s a very nice piece of equipment but adjusting the head of the unit requires the engagement of your other hand. It would be more efficient if it could be adjusted by the hand that’s holding it.

Where did you get it

Pacific Dental Specialties


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