Tools of the trade: Sopro 717 digital camera

The Sopro 717 intraoral camera.
The Sopro 717 intraoral camera.

by Dr Stephen Carapetis, GP Dental Partners, Warradale, SA

I purchased this intraoral camera from Dental Concepts about 18 months ago. They installed it and gave demonstrations and instructions on its use in my surgery. I take photos during every new patient examination and haven’t had the slightest bit of trouble with the camera in that time.

What’s good about it


I love it because I can do an examination and use the camera as I talk to my DA. The patient can see everything on a big screen attached to the ceiling above the chair. It really helps to highlight problem areas and gets patients concerned about their teeth. You can explain to a patient that they have a crack in a filling and it needs to be replaced and they can look at you with a glazed eye. However, as soon as you put the camera in their mouth and they can see what’s happening, they’re motivated to see the problem fixed.

It’s quite small and fits easily into the mouth. The lens can be varied to take macro shots that magnify the image.

I’ve used other intraoral cameras in the past but this one is brilliant. The quality of the pictures are fantastic and all the images are automatically stored in the patient’s file.

What’s not so good

This is a great piece of equipment but it would be a real improvement if the camera could be made cordless. At present, a cord runs along my bench to the back of my computer. It’s not a big problem but the more cords you can get out of the way, the better.

Where did you get it

Dental Concepts.

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