Tools of the trade: Smilestream


orthodontic planning softwareby Dr Paul Quirk, Everton House Dental, Everton Park, QLD

Smilestream is orthodontic planning software that’s available once you have completed and graduated from the Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS) course.

What’s good about it

For a general practitioner undertaking orthodontics, Smilestream allows you to visualise the treatment outcomes and plan accordingly. It visualises different options in regards to predicting expected tooth movement. For example, it will show the different options for extraction versus non-extraction treatment. It also plans the anchorage requirements which is an aspect I find extremely beneficial. 

The POS ortho course is probably one of the largest orthodontics schools worldwide. They have lecturers from all around the world, so you don’t just get an Australian perspective. The other wonderful thing about POS ortho is it’s very collegiate. You build up a network of mentors and general practitioners that are on the same journey. 

I find Smilestream essential when planning orthodontics. It encourages you to document professionally and thoroughly evaluate each case. The interface is easy to use and the different treatment outcomes are clearly visualised. It also allows you to evaluate skeletal resistance, deep bites and interference. 

To be able to plan and visualise different outcomes, and then plan the execution of the case—well, that’s half the battle. Any general practitioner thinking about undertaking orthodontics should seriously investigate POS ortho and Smilestream.

What’s not so good

The current version of Smilestream is an expansion of the orthodontic software into multidisciplinary treatment planning, which is great if you are doing these cases. However, this expansion has made the program a little less elegant and more clunky.

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