Tools of the trade: Seiler Revelation Zoom microscope


evolution-hi-wallby Dr Tim Johnston, iKids Specialist Paediatric Dentistry, North Fremantle, WA

The one thing that really sets our practice apart from others is our combined use of a microscope and a laser. Thanks to these instruments, we are a minimally invasive dental practice. I believe this is unique in the paediatric dental field.

What’s good about it

I was a clinical consultant to the company that were selling these particular microscopes so I definitely got a sweet deal when buying the equipment. I no longer have any allegiance to any particular company but I believe it’s important that dentists use some kind of magnification.

I have three Revelation microscopes. As a paediatric dentist, I wasn’t convinced that a microscope would be suitable for kids and babies as they can’t keep still. It was a pleasant surprise to discover how successful the microscope can be. The kids do keep fairly still but you have to accept that there’s going to be a bit of movement and live with it.

When I first sat down at the microscope and looked through it, I knew immediately that this is what had been missing from my practice. I took to it straight away and have never had any problems using it. It was exciting to see what I was doing so clearly and to be able to perform a better standard of dentistry.

What’s not so good

The cost of a new microscope is so prohibitive that some dentists will just stick with what they are doing rather than outlay such a large amount of cash. This means that they miss the opportunity to radically improve their dental technique. When using the microscope, you also need to rely on your chair side assistant a lot more than you would otherwise.

Where did you get it

Mint Devices



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