Tools of the trade: Salli Sway Saddle Seat


saddle seatby Dr Jeremy Cheung, Dundas Dental, NSW

I had been using another saddle chair for over 10 years in order to maintain good posture. While happy with the great effect it had on my back, sitting on it often left me quite saddle-sore, especially after long procedures. Although it didn’t prevent me from producing offspring, I decided to try a different brand and style of saddle seat.

What’s good about it

I switched to the Salli Sway Saddle Seat because of the split down the middle of the seat that is specifically designed for the male anatomy. The fact that it came with a 30-day free trial meant I had nothing to lose.

The first two days felt great but then, to be frank, it was extremely painful. I could only use it for five days before I called the company back to organise a return. The rep encouraged me to persevere with it. He explained that the chair requires an adjustment period because of the different muscle groups that are engaged when sitting on it. Either that or it was because I had a peculiarly shaped backside! He was also happy to extend the trial period.

So I kept at it, using it only for a few hours a day and gradually extending the time, just like new dentures. After about a month, all the aches and pains disappeared and I was able to use it for the whole day. I haven’t had any trouble with it at all since then. These days it allows me to work all day without any back or groin pain.


What’s not so good

An adjustment period—and minor pain—may be required to get used to using this new style of chair.

Where did you get it

Fairway Dental

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