Tools of the trade: RONDOflex Plus 360 Complete Air Abrasion System with Water


air abrasion systemby Dr Edwina Toulmin, McMahons Point Dental, NSW

While I have used an air abrasion system before, this is the first one I have purchased myself. I have only owned it for a couple of months and so far, I have been delighted with it.

What’s good about it

My main reason for purchasing the Rondoflex was to improve bonding of indirect restorations, but I have also used it for direct anterior composite restorations to reduce the likelihood of marginal staining on buccal surfaces. I have been using it for all my fissure sealants and I will consider using it for stain removal and for bonding orthodontic brackets.

Unlike some air abrasion units, the Rondoflex attaches directly to my high-speed line like a handpiece. There are no messy cords or separate units to get in the way. When I’m not using it, it is packed back into its box and put in a drawer which is important to me as space is limited in my surgery.

I was worried that adult patients would find it bulky and that children would find it intimidating but I haven’t had any complaints. The particle size is fine (27µm aluminium oxide) and suspended in copious water spray. As a result, very little mess is created and patients barely notice it.


What’s not so good

The price is the biggest drawback—it’s expensive for what it does. Apparently the nozzle can get clogged but that has not happened to us so far. It does come with an attachment for cleaning the nozzle and we clean it after every use. It scratches mirror surfaces so I have an old mirror that I use while running the Rondoflex.

Where did you get it

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