Tools of the trade: Retention! by Dr Jesse Green

business management book

by Dr Vicky Thai, Parkmore Family Dental, Keysborough, VIC

This is a dental business management book written by Australian dentist, Dr Jesse Green. Its subtitle is How to plug the #1 profit leak in your dental practice. Essentially, it provides cheat sheets, checklists and tools to help create a practice with loyal patients, increased profits and retained staff.

What’s good about it

Dr Green works in Canberra and is well known for coaching dentists on how to manage their practices better. He also runs a consultancy business and a number of different workshops.

The book is well written and explores different practice management concepts. It covers such things as dealing with cancellations, how to talk to patients and subjects to discuss with staff. It sets up a variety of situations and shows the best way to respond. Most of the scenarios are realistic and very common.

It starts with the basics, like greeting patients with a smile, and then gets into the heart of the matter. There are worksheets and guides that can be downloaded. The central message is about maintaining your existing client base. The only way to get something out of the book is to put his suggestions into practice, which I intend to do.

What’s not so good

Every practice and every client is different so you need to tailor the suggestions to suit your business. You also need to commit to Dr Green’s philosophy to get the most out of it. One confronting concept is that Dr Green encourages dentists to share their philosophy with new patients. If the patient is not compliant with that philosophy, then he recommends refusing to treat that particular patient. His ideology is based around retaining the best patients as they are the clients who will help grow the business.

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