Tools of the trade: Play-Doh Doctor Drill ’n Fill

Play-Doh dentist

by Dr Jeremy Cheung, Dundas Dental, NSW

The latest dental technology currently includes intra-oral scanners, CAD-CAM and implants. Then you have this: the latest home dental simulation unit from the trusted dental brand, Play-Doh. 

What’s good about it

This educates children on the importance of dental health as well as helping them feel less anxious when going to the dentist. It encourages creativity and improves fine motor skills, just what every budding dentist needs.

The set engages the imagination and lets kids pretend to be a dentist. Included is a non-anatomical head, Play-Doh, dental tools and even a working straight handpiece. Children can shape teeth, make braces and drill cavities. Basically, the instruments allow kids to hone their skills in regard to oral hygiene, restorations, extractions and orthodontics.

The set also contains Play-Doh toothpaste that can be placed on a toy toothbrush to ‘clean’ the teeth of the model. This promotes familiarisation and encourages young children to brush their teeth at home.

In a practice that sees a lot of young children, a set or two of Doctor Drill ’n Fill in the waiting room would really help to demystify a visit to the dentist. 

What’s not so good

The drill spins at a fairly high speed so if it is used improperly then hair or other items could get twisted and caught. 

Where to get it

Kmart, Target, Big W


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