Tools of the trade: Planmeca Panasonic camera


intra-oral cameraby Dr Gita Mazaheri, Artful Dentistry, Charnwood, ACT

This is an intra-oral camera that connects directly to my chair. It’s about the size of a large pen and comes with an in-built light source. The patient just sits in the chair and I can show them exactly what’s happening in their mouth on a screen that is right in front of their face.

What’s good about it

Prior to owning this camera, I had to explain treatment plans to my patients just using X-rays. To a layperson, an X-ray can be hard to interpret and that makes it difficult for them to understand what we are discussing. Now that I have this intra-oral camera, the patient sees exactly what I see.

It’s been very effective at encouraging my patients to improve their oral hygiene. When I show them the build-up of plaque on their teeth, they invariably freak out a bit. The camera shows them things they simply can’t see in a mirror.

The camera also encourages patients to accept treatment and return for regular appointments. They no longer just have to take the word of the dentist—I can show them the problem in full colour!


I add all the images to the patient file so that I have an accurate record of treatment. I’ve found intra-oral cameras to be a welcome and revolutionary development in dentistry. When I was studying at uni, they didn’t even exist.

What’s not so good

A new protective cover needs to be fitted for each patient and these covers are fairly expensive. There could be cheaper options available but I purchase the exact covers to fit the camera from Henry Schein. Apart from that, the unit is sturdy, reliable and I’ve had no technical issues at all.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas

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