Tools of the trade: One Visit Crown


By Dr Jeremy Cheung, Dundas Dental, NSW

One Visit Crowns is a single-visit product and procedure to restore broken-down posterior teeth. They are done directly in the mouth with no impressions or laboratory work required.

What’s good about it

They consist of a hardened ceramic occlusal surface attached to an uncured layer, which is bonded directly to the prepared tooth. All the components are included in a neat little box: instructions, the crown, matrix band, wedge, plastic replica and size selector key.

The preformed occlusal portion really saves time as there is only minimal contouring required.

They are great for patients who can’t afford a conventional crown and also ideal for teeth that have had root-canal therapy. If required, they can be drilled through at a later date to perform root therapy without any risk of breakage.


It’s a simple procedure that’s similar to placing an onlay. If you can do a large composite restoration, you will be able to do these. There are plenty of online articles and videos that show how they are used.

What’s not so good

Nothing really. Like anything, you will just need a bit of practice to streamline your steps. After doing a few, these can be placed in about an hour.

Where to get it


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