Tools of the trade: NiTin Full Curve Matrix Bands

matrix bands

by Dr Sonia Sahota, Smiles of Diamond Creek, VIC

These bands are part of the NiTin Sectional Matrix System. They’re sturdy with a really nice curvature.

What’s good about it

With other brands, I would often end up with a pinpoint contact but the NiTins are always tight with a good broad contact. I was also having inconsistent results with another brand we used in the practice. The bands were flimsy and didn’t retain their shape. When I removed them, I was expecting a great contact but ended up with an open margin. 

I tried a number of different products but was impressed by the NiTin bands immediately. They are almost perfect for a Class II restoration, sturdy and fit a wide variety of teeth. They are competitively priced, too.

I’ve been using them for about eight months and they always provide an excellent result. Patients with an open contact invariably complain about food getting stuck between their teeth but after using these matrix bands, everything is perfectly condensed and packed. Patients may not be aware we are using this product but they’re more than happy with the result.

What’s not so good

The only minor negative is that the tab on the matrix band can obstruct your view of the contact when packing in composite, so you need to flick it up at times.

Where did you get it 



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