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by Dr Timothy Goh, Oxford Dental Practice, Unley, SA

MySmileSim is an online platform our patients use to preview cosmetic work we offer in our practice. The patient scans a QR code that’s placed at our front desk to get access to the MySmileSim app on their phone.

What’s good about it

Once the patient uploads a selfie of their smile, the MySmileSim app creates a simulation of what they will look like after the cosmetic work has been completed. The patient can request what they would like to see, from whitened teeth to veneers to closing a tooth gap. The app works quickly with the results often coming through while they’re still sitting in the waiting room.

It’s very clever software that gives the patient a stylised version of their smile that’s close to what we would expect the outcome to be. Once we’re signed on as a practice, MySmileSim takes all input, positive and critical, to improve their outcomes. I’ve found it to be useful for people considering SnapOn Smiles or veneers.

Once they’ve used the app, most patients are invigorated and interested in the procedure, with many asking me to explain what’s possible. It certainly encourages people to take up a variety of procedures. The app works through a subscription service, but the cost is negligible. It’s very good value for money.

What’s not so good

You need to have your front-desk staff onboard and encouraging patients to sign on through the QR code. If your staff don’t do that, you’re not going to get the full benefit of the app.

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