Tools of the trade: Komet surgical bone cutter H162SL-014FG

bone cutting bur

by Dr Tauseef Qureshi, The Dentists of Australia, Leeton, NSW

This bur is a very effective tool when undertaking surgical procedures. It is very sharp and has a long neck that makes it easy to position.

What’s good about it

I do a lot of surgical extractions and this bur comes in very handy when a tooth has broken below the gum line. It’s great for removing wisdom teeth or whenever sectioning is required. When using another bur to section, the procedure can take up to five minutes but with this Komet bur, the whole thing is completed in 30 seconds.

A lot of other burs are quite short so they obstruct the view of the surgical site. This Komet bur is long so you can see everything clearly when making cuts. It is very sharp and easy to control so the procedure is very quick. 

It is also very comfortable for the patient. While most high-speed drills cause a lot of vibrations, that is not the case with this bur.


This bur can save you a lot of time when undertaking multiple extractions in a day. 

What’s not so good

This bur is incredibly sharp so you have to be extremely careful while using it. It’s very important that the tongue and cheek of the patient are kept clear of the bur. It can also be difficult to use with patients who have trouble opening their mouth wide. In those cases, the long bur can make it difficult to position correctly.

Where did you get it

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