Tools of the trade: Komet pulp bur

 long-shanked bur

by Dr Ros Davis, Sailors Bay Dentistry, Northbridge, NSW

An endodontist recommended the Komet pulp bur as a really good tool when looking for the MB2 canal in upper first molars, which as all dentists know, is very challenging. He was right—it works extremely well.

What’s good about it

The Komet pulp bur has a long shank compared to a lot of other burs. When doing endo, you’re often working in a small space with limited vision and that long shank is incredibly helpful. It allows you to visualise what you’re doing while using it.

When I’m opening up the pulp chamber, sometimes it can be difficult to see where the canals are sitting. I find that using this bur helps you locate the canals and open them up slightly. It’s very good at locating smaller canals as well.

We were taught to use Gates Glidden drills along with our normal burs when creating endo access. I prefer this bur to a Gates Glidden as they tend to bend more easily. Sometimes you’ll pick one up and be ready to use it and then it does that thing where it spins around and you know it’s bent. That never happens with the Komet pulp burs. 

What’s not so good

The burs are quite fine but I’ve never found them to bend easily. In saying that, in the process of getting them laid out for the dentist ready to use, there’s the potential for the shank to be bent. You can’t be heavy-handed with these burs; they need to be treated gently.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein 


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