Tools of the Trade: Isodry/Isolite

isolite-mouth-shot_no-handpieceby Dr Rick Spencer, Spencer & Day Dental, Strathfield, NSW


Isodry is a fantastic isolation product that keeps teeth clean and dry during procedures. It also reduces humidity in the mouth and stops contamination. To my mind, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Isolite is exactly the same product with an attached light.

What’s good about it

It’s a small bite block with a tongue and cheek guard that works like a dental dam. The whole thing is connected to high-speed suction and can be fitted and removed in a few seconds.

I always use it for placement of restorations when the area needs to be really dry and clean. It’s also very effective when placing fissure seals, particularly with children. It allows me to fissure seal upper and lower teeth simultaneously as that whole area of the mouth is kept isolated and dry.

It’s impossible to use a dental dam when cementing a crown but the Isodry works fantastically well. It also eliminates any chance of the patient swallowing or inhaling the crown if it is dropped.

Taking impressions is easier and quicker when using the Isodry. It is perfect for lower arch impressions when using half-quadrant trays.

Isodry comes in five different sizes for different sized mouths. It’s very cost-effective and a real time saver for dentists. It can also be used by dental hygienists—the Isodry will look after all the isolation and suction. There are even some situations where I have found that I can work without a nurse when using Isodry.

What’s not so good

The occasional person can’t tolerate it in their mouth. About five per cent of my patients have a gag response to it. I very carefully explain what’s involved before I put it in but for a really bad gagger, it can’t be used.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.


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