Tools of the trade: Gemini 810 + 980 diode laser


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soft tissue laser

by Dr Guri Singh, Shine Family Dental Surgery, Wyndham Vale, VIC

The Gemini soft tissue laser is a very useful piece of equipment. We use it for frenectomies, gingivectomies and with aphthous ulcers. It cuts effectively with little bleeding.

What’s good about it

When preparing to take a crown impression, the Gemini laser can be used for haemostasis so we get a good, clear impression. It’s much better than a haemostatic cord that’s not only a bit messy, but the bleeding often starts again once the cord is removed. If I have to go subgingival for crown cutting, the margins are sometimes hard to see but I can use the laser to dress the gum around the crown. By allowing for accurate impressions, the crowns fit very well once they’re delivered from the lab.

The laser is a good option when performing a frenectomy. Cutting the tissue with a scalpel meant a lot of blood and stitches that can be post-operatively painful. Using the laser means no blood, little pain and the patient is in no discomfort the next day. It’s great to use with kids as they are usually afraid of a scalpel. The laser is much less threatening to them.

What’s not so good

What can be done very quickly with a scalpel can take up to a minute with a laser. It’s not really a negative; you just need to allow a bit of extra time to complete the procedure.

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