Tools of the trade: Galileos


by Dr Jeremy Norris, Noosa Dental, Noosa, QLD


Galileos is an OPG that produces a three-dimensional image of the skull. It takes about 500 slices and then creates a composite picture that allows you to fly around the image. It’s also possible to take a section through whichever plane you choose.


What’s good about it

I specifically chose this machine because it works great with implants. Galileos allows you to do all the positioning and shows if there is going to be a problem. That problem can then be fixed with a bone graft or whatever is required to get the position just right.

Once the position of the implant has been planned, software links it with a Cerec to place the crown exactly where you want it. So before you have taken an impression or done anything surgically, the finished product is positioned where you can see it.

It’s also really fantastic for checking past root-canal fillings by allowing you to look around the root of the tooth. We had a patient with impacted wisdom teeth and the standard x-ray revealed nothing. He was complaining about mild pain so we took a scan with Galileos and discovered a huge cyst. Even though it had nearly broken through his mandible, it would have been missed without a 3D scan.

Problems with Galileos can be resolved online. If something goes wrong, the technician can log into the system online and fix it without actually travelling to your practice.


What’s not so good

There are so many different settings that I simply don’t have time to learn them all. The technician set it all up really well when it was installed but every now and then I’ll need to change something. I then have to call the technician and they talk me through it over the phone.


Where did you get it


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