Tools of the trade: Expasyl


by Dr Debbie Leong, Debbie Leong Dental, Alexandra Hills, QLD

Expasyl is an astringent and hemostatic agent that is used for temporary gingival retraction. I have been using this product for the past six years as an alternative to retractions cords. I was never happy with retraction cords as I found they could cause gingival recession and subsequent bone resorption. They were also fiddly to use.


What’s good about it

The technique is easy and it works quickly. It stops all bleeding within a minute of being applied. As well as crown preps, Expasyl can be used for subgingival class 5 or class 2 fillings. When the local anaesthetic wears off, there’s no discomfort, unlike retraction cords.


What’s not so good

It can adhere so stubbornly to the tooth and gingiva, it’s difficult to wash off. I use a small micro-brush to aid in its removal.

There is also a fair bit of wastage with this product. It’s impossible to extrude the last centimetre of Expasyl from the cartridge. On occasion, the paste has dried out. Instead of flowing from the applicator, it curls on itself.

It’s also expensive, but I don’t think about that when I’m using it. The fact that it’s fast and effective is my main concern


Where did you get it

Gunz Dental.


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