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by Dr Linda Yoon Chen, Lumina Dental, Ultimo, NSW

The EMS Airflow removes debris, plaque and stains from teeth. I use it before or after a clean, and like it because it’s a lot quicker and cleaner than using a Prophy paste with a rubber cup.

What’s good about it

When using the EMS Airflow, you can see stains and biofilm coming off the teeth quickly, especially when used with plaque disclosing agent. It uses powder that’s less abrasive than a Prophy paste. There are two types of powder—a regular one for typical cleans and a more abrasive version we reserve for patients with really tough stains. It’s also effective for perio cleans, effectively removing any debris that’s under the gums.

It’s possible to place the Airflow on a trolley so it can be shared between rooms. There are 10 levels to manually adjust and regulate the power. It’s also possible to adjust the water temperature. The wireless foot pedal is very responsive and has 360-degree activation. The Night Cleaner bottle is designed to be used at the end of the day to clean and disinfect the waterline.

I’ve had this unit for about 12 months and it’s a sturdy and reliable piece of machinery. It’s made cleaning a faster and more efficient experience.

What’s not so good

It’s not too messy provided you utilise really good suction, especially with patients who have a tendency to gag. It can scare off young children, so I don’t use it with kids unless they’re very mature. 

Where did you get it

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