Tools of the trade: Dam Cool

flowable dam material

by Dr Dan Mulvihill, Hyde Park Dental, Goodwood, SA

Dam Cool is a light-cured flowable material that provides a flexible barrier when undertaking a number of different procedures.

What’s good about it

I use Dam Cool when blocking out black triangles and undercuts, taking impressions, covering implant impression coping screws with open tray impressions, and blocking leaks in rubber dams. It works very well at protecting the gingiva during bleaching, air abrasion and sandblasting.

It remains cool when light-cured and is quick and easy to place.

It is delivered to the appropriate area with a syringe which allows for very precise placement. Dam Cool also retains some elasticity when it sets. Not only is it quick to apply but the clean-up is very easy. If a bit of it gets stuck on the teeth, it can be flicked off with a scaler.


There is no bad taste associated with this product so patients are not even aware that it is being used. I’ve tried similar products but for the past four years I’ve relied on Dam Cool. It’s just a simple product that works extremely well. It’s also relatively cheap to purchase.

What’s not so good

If you’re using it around a composite restoration, it may stick to the composite when you set it. However, it is a simple matter to grab a scaler and flick it off.

Where did you get it


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