Tools of the trade: CEREC Omnicam

3D scanner

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by Dr Vilia Palamountain, Southside Dental, Morphett Vale, SA

In 2014, we purchased our surgery and undertook a complete fit-out. Sirona approached us to see if we were interested in adding CEREC to our practice. I really wasn’t keen—I thought it was just another big expense we didn’t need. Six months later, we purchased CEREC and it completely transformed and improved our dentistry.

What’s good about it

We don’t take impressions now; all the preparations are scanned and the porcelain is milled and glazed in-house. This has cut down the number of appointments for patients—they can just sit in the waiting room with a cup of tea while we make their crown. I was also very happy to see the end of gooey impressions and patients gagging. We do a lot of orthodontics and CEREC can be used to scan study models. The scans can then be easily sent to the technicians.

It’s very convenient when someone comes in with a broken tooth and needs a crown. There’s no need to reappoint them; I just do the scan and prep right then and there. Patients love that their problem can be resolved on the spot.

We purchased the scanner and the milling unit as a package though they can be bought separately. We’re just about to upgrade to the new CEREC Primescan but we’ll keep using our original milling unit. 

What’s not so good

If there are problems with your computer or network then it will impact on CEREC. We’ve had a few small glitches over the years but the support is excellent. There’s always online help or someone who can talk you through the problem.

Where did you get it

Dentsply Sirona


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