Tools of the trade: Carestream RVG 6200

X-ray sensor

by Dr Adil Toudghi, Yambil Dental Care, Griffith, NSW

The Carestream 6200 sensor is used frequently in our practice for everyday diagnostic X-rays, routine bitewings and when undertaking root canal treatment. It has simplified our intraoral imaging.

What’s good about it

This new version of the sensor is much lighter than the previous generation (RVG 6100). The sensor wire is of a higher quality and the image resolution is just fantastic.

The new Carestream software also comes with preset modes that provide optimal contrast and resolution for any situation, including endo, perio and decay. The software upgrade was free of charge through Ivoclar.

The sensor comes in three different sizes—0, 1 and 2—but we find size 1 to be the most versatile. It’s neither too big nor too small and it does the job in most situations.

The images from the sensors are displayed instantly on the computer screen so it saves a lot of time compared with conventional film or phosphor plates. In the rare situation where you need to do a retake, it only takes seconds.

The X-rays are saved automatically to the patient’s chart which is efficient and a great time saver. 

What’s not so good

As with any X-ray sensor, these are relatively expensive to purchase. There’s also the possibility that the circuitry could be damaged if the patient bites very hard on the sensor.

Where did you get it

Ivoclar Vivadent Australia


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