Tools of the trade: Bryant Dental 7.5X loupes


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by Dr Robert Honeybone, Mawson Dental Care, ACT

I needed magnification but I didn’t have space for a microscope in my surgery. I tried a lot of different loupes in order to find the highest magnification while still being comfortable. The Bryan Dental loupes at 7.5X were perfect for my needs and have a good working length.

What’s good about it

When I first tried on these loupes, they felt really nice. They are made of black titanium and offer a balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal. I added the Bryant Dental light that’s held in place with a magnetic clip. There’s a yellow filter that slides smoothly over the light for when you are working with composites.

The head strap has a magnetic clip at the back that makes it easy to put on or take off. A circular battery hangs off the back of the head strap that balances the loupes out nicely. The battery can be turned like a dial for full power, half power or to be turned off. The whole set-up feels like a very luxurious piece of equipment.

I use loupes for all procedures including check-ups. They are indispensable when doing root canals. I see everything so clearly when using my loupes that I feel like I’m short-changing the patient if I don’t have them.

What’s not so good

Even though the light is not the strongest I’ve used, it’s certainly one of the brightest. These are the most expensive loupes I have ever owned but are easily worth it, in my opinion. A younger dentist with better eyesight might prefer to spend that money on upskilling. 

Where did you get it

Bryant Dental


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