Tools of the trade: Breville LAP300WHT The Smart Air Purifier

air purifier

by Dr Dash Hosur, Ria Family Dental, Yeronga, QLD

I purchased this unit during the COVID-19 restrictions to help keep aerosol levels in our surgery to a minimum. 

What’s good about it

This is a larger and more powerful unit than previous models of Breville air purifiers. It has an air quality sensor that automatically increases the fan speed if it detects aerosols or other airborne particles. The size of the unit fits our surgery table nicely and we’ve found it to be very effective at purifying the air in our surgery room.

It has a four-stage air purification system that reduces airborne particles by 99.9 per cent. The HEPA filter acts as a microbe shield and is designed to remove airborne bacteria and viruses. The inlet and outlet are designed around 360 degrees for broader and more effective filtration.

It has a timer that can be set to your schedule. It also has four manual settings to suit the needs of different sized rooms or it can be run on auto mode.

This air purifier works best in an area of 30 square metres to 45 square metres. Multi-surgery clinics would need to purchase multiple units if they wished to cover their entire practice.

What’s not so good

This is a relatively large unit. If you are positioning it in a smaller surgery, it can occupy a lot of space on the benchtop.

Where did you get it

Harvey Norman


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