Tools of the trade: Bluephase Style 20i

LED curing light

by Dr Charles Thompson, Nyngan Dental, NSW

This is a high-performance LED curing light with a wide range of applications. It’s great for composite fillings, curing orthodontic brackets, aligner attachments and anything that’s light cured.

What’s good about it

I’ve used a number of different curing lights in the past and the Bluephase for about two years. While most curing lights take up to 40 seconds to cure a mass at a depth of two millimetres, the Bluephase has a maximum power of 2000mW/cm2 in Turbo mode. It cuts down curing time quite significantly and can reliably cure in five or 10 seconds on Turbo setting.

As it’s so fast, you’re not required to hold it at a particular angle for an extended length of time. This means there is no arm or hand fatigue. When you’re holding a light in the one position for 30 or 40 seconds, there’s a chance of slipping off the tooth and not getting an ideal cure.

As with all curing lights, an eye shield is required but the standard orange shield is fine. There is no requirement for anything special. It’s worked faultlessly for the past two years and has a nifty docking station. You just place it in the docking station between patients and there’s more than enough charge to last all day.

What’s not so good

The unit comes with two different types of curing sleeve. One is a tight fit and the other is a loose fit. I’ve found the loose fitting one a bit clumsy and tend to only use the tight-fitting variant. 

When using Turbo mode, the bulb gets quite hot despite being an LED unit. You need to be conscious of that fact when moving it around the patient’s mouth.

Where did you get it

Ivoclar Vivadent


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